Movie Star Planet Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Movie Star Planet Login:

Steps to login:
1. First, load up their website: and wait for the annoying flash loader to load.
2. Find the box on the right that has a few buttons and a few what they try to make look like text fields.
3. Enter your Username in the first text field.
4. Enter your password in the second text field.
5. Click the Purple and Yellow LOGIN button. 
6. This should get you through the Movie Star Planet Login.


Having problems getting in? Reset your password:
Load up the main page, if you're not there look at step 1 above.
2. Click the Forgot Password button under the Login button.
3. This plays an annoying sound, then loads up a form.
4. In the first text field, enter your username.
5. In the second text field, enter your email address.
6. Then click OK to continue with the password reset.

Still having issues? Contact Movie Star Planet for more help: 

If you are still having issues with your Movie Star Planet login or other issues with the site, or service, you can contact Movie Star Planet directly to resolve those issues. They unfortunately do not provide a contact phone number, so you have to fill out their online contact form. This form is located at the following URL:

Please check back on our website for any updates to the login process, or any information about outages or system bugs that may be important to you regarding Movie Star Planet.